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A second generation builder and founder of Dev Bhumi, Harindran Devakumar has an added advantage on top of the experience he has acquired from his father, Mr. Devakumar (founder of Dev Apartments). Having been exposed to construction projects since childhood, he is well-versed in the skills of the trade from handling the ground-level workers to getting land approval..

Our Services

Civil Work
Shell structure, electrical layout, in-house consulting, plumbing 

Interiors & Exteriors

Furnishing, wall paneling, elevation cladding (HPL, GRC,PPC, stone, slate etc.), elevation design

Landscape Design

Site planning, roof top garden design, water feature design, site lighting

Real Estate Management

Land acquisition, generating site leads, accompanying client to property closings

The whole experience from coming up with the plan till the handing over of my house was a beautiful experience. Even at the planning stage , it was done in a timely manner and Mr. Harindran was always the one who initiated the meetings at each stage, well in advance and every detail was discussed and considered and made note of. The execution part of it was seamless and my dream home came true with effortless ease.



Let's create beautiful spaces together. 

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