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Harindran Devakumar, founder of Dev Bhumi, is a second generation builder which gives him an added advantage on top of the experience he has acquired from his father, Mr. Devakumar (founder of Dev Apartments). Having been exposed to construction projects since childhood, he is well-versed in the skills of the trade from handling the ground-level workers to getting land approval and meeting the statutory requirements for building plan, approval and execution; complying with legal formalities, maintaining a liaison with government departments and getting the required permission for power, electricity and sewage. 

He also has a wide knowledge and network of contacts in the procurement of building materials. He has a tie-up with renowned architects and works with them in tandem for perfect execution. His well set-up team of workers work in a coordinated manner to execute the project as per drawing.


Our Services

Pre-construction Services:

Site selection, client consultation, cost estimation, project scheduling, design decision-making, building permits, handling of construction and materials

Construction Project Management:

Working with engineer and architect to develop project design, materials and building system, contractual agreements, site regulation and quality control, cost accounting

Building Services

Civil Work
Shell structure, electrical layout, plumbing systems,
in-house consulting, fire protection, lifts and escalators, facade engineering

Interiors & Exteriors
Furnishing, wall paneling, elevation cladding (HPL, GRC, PPC, slate, stone etc.), lighting (artificial and natural), ventilation systems, alarm system, security

Landscape Design

Site planning, garden design (land and roof top), site lighting, water feature design

Real Estate Management
Land acquisition, generating leads and accompanying clients to property closings, facilitating transaction between buyers and sellers

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